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Strange Tales from Outer Space brings you the news and views above the planet Nexus from Wildstar Online!

Ep. 14: Where We Play the Waiting Game With Our Feet in Our Mouth

September 30th, 2014

What happens when you talk about something big, but even bigger news pops up, rendering your previous thoughts an opinions irrelevant? Strange Tales from Outer Space happens! Well not *all* our opinions. This week, the boys dig through the State of the Game, give their thoughts on gear progression, and wonder if gamers are starting to spoil.

Defile Rep Items and Weapons

Exploiters Banned - Zybak on his ban.

Technologist Herbalist getting debugged

Hugh Shelton leaves Carbine - Meerkat stepping up as Lead Class Designer

Dungeon Leaderboards

Gear Progression breakdown

State of the Game

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Ep. 13 Wildstar: Murphy’s Law of Podcasting (feat. Fraya from Enigma)

September 23rd, 2014

Strange Tales...After Dark. 


Unfortunately, in our quest to improve ourselves, we had one more guest than we expected, by the name of Murphy. Murphy is a jerk. Messing with our audio levels, making weird pops, and demolishing Dahk's internet connection every few seconds...On the other hand,Fraya from Enigma found time to sit in after a raid session to give his thoughts on tanks, what it's like to be a guild leader, and guilds leaving or staying. 

And don't forget to help contribute to Dahk's Extra Life stream on Oct. 25th!

PTR Update Notes 

Enigma Main Page

Alpaca HUD

Rapid Fire... DASH DASH DASH!

Help donate to Dahk's Extra Life... he will update it and put some cool stuff for potential donaters... he promises!

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Ep. 12 Wildstar: Featuring Tony Rey

September 16th, 2014

No fancy title. Just Tony Rey. THE Tony Ray. Wildstar's very own Community Manager brings some humanity to STOS for a week where we talk about about changes in the game, Carbine's openness, and we learn more about one of our favorite Nexus Reporters. We also lean bit more about each other as well.

And Croog has a movie report to write!

Update Notes: 1 - 2

Free Boomboxes because of down time

9/09 Nexus Report TL;DR

Get a hold of carbine @
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Ep. 11 Wildstar: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

September 9th, 2014

Will we get sued if we finish that sentence? (YES -Croog)

Crit Happens on Warbringer has come to an end...because Warbringer has effectively come to an end.. You can now find the STOS Crew on Pergo under the guild name [STOS], and we'll be keeping that name through the megaserver transition (Carbine willing)!
In this week's show, Dahk has an issue with spoliers because an awesome datamine has come to the surface. Also Tony Rey is coming on next week! So send your questions to our email, twitter, facebook or however else you want to get hold of us! Shout us questions from three isles away in the grocery store!


Dahk's Extra Life Donation Page (WIP)

Update Notes: 9/03 - 9/04

Megaserver AnnouncementMegaserver broken down (Thanks for letting us use this!)

Omni-Core - Omni-Core Images - Omni-Core Vid
How to make a SINGLE Runic Elemental Flux



Hoverboard Animations - Threat/Taunt Animations


"Level 6" Shiphand Maps

Red Moon Terror Raid Maps


Item Preview Improved Addon

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Ep. 10 Wildstar: Baby Steps

September 2nd, 2014

Another podcast older...and questionably wiser! The Strange Tales crew is back to talk about hard hitting nutsack windows for gender equality in armor!

And other minor Wildstar related things, like:
These Links!
PvP Rating reset with Drop 3

Gaffer steps down as President of Carbine Studios

Update Notes! 

More Class Updates! 

Addon of the Week!


Super Special STOS Modeling Session!

Jazz hands!

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