Strange Tales from Outer Space

Strange Tales from Outer Space brings you the news and views above the planet Nexus from Wildstar Online!

Ep. 18: Oobies for Everyone!

October 28th, 2014

Oobies are dead! Long live the oobies!

The crew from STOS dips their toes into Defile PTR and give their opinions. Its a silver lining to some awful clouds as they tackle the carbine layoffs and no more oobies on twitch.
Mystery of the Genesis Prime PTR Updates

Live Update Notes

Medics are pansies

No more Oobies on twitch

NCSoft restructures, lays off approx. 60 at Carbine


Community Events:

EU -Jabbit - Nov. 1st - Revenge of Malgrave Trail

NA - Entity - Nov. 1st - Headless Showdown

Ep. 17: Bad Decisions Were Made (Feat. Bazeleel)

October 21st, 2014

Not every decision is for the better. We get a bit serious this week because we love you Wildstar. Dahk also seems to have mysteriously edited out his bad decision as well which he is saving for the inevitable B-Roll episode. 

Battle for Farside! (Oct. 18th) Video - imgur imgur

Loremageddon: Aurin and Mechari

No item overhaul for Defile

Possible Drop 4 changes

Donatelli and Pappy talk to Massively

Ep. 16: ‘Twas the Night Before Megaservers

October 14th, 2014

... and all thought the house.

Not a digital mouse stirring
Except Croog and his damn word count!
The Battle for Farside! Oct 18th 8:00 pm PST

Megaservers. Oct. 15th.

Wildstar Naming Guide - Exiles Dominion

Pappy and Donatelli talk to MMORPG

Veteran Shiphands coming Drop 4

Stalker love, between two knives.

State of the Game #2

PTR Updates

Ep. 15: Bright Spot in a Dark Place (feat. Jazzy)

October 7th, 2014

Man, what a rough week if you're a fan of Wildstar. We're glad you're still here, and if you're not... glad you're still listening and we hope you come back! We miss you!

WELL enough of that! The boys from STOS felt the need to bring in a little help to talk us through this dark time and Jazzy stepped up to the plate! 
Dahk and Jazzy on Wildstar Weekly Ep. 16: Community All-Star Live Stream!

Client Optimization coming with Defile Drop

Development Update

Caydiem talks about 2014 holiday cancellation

Nexus Report recap

Frost leaves Carbine

WildstarCentral NA Townhall meeting - WildstarCentral EU Townhall meeting

Ask Massively: Dancing on Wildstar's Grave

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