Strange Tales from Outer Space

Strange Tales from Outer Space brings you the news and views above the planet Nexus from Wildstar Online!

Ep. 02 WildStar: Um… Um… (and other things)

July 8th, 2014
FIFTIES FOR EVERYONE! For the Strange Tales crew at least. This week, we go over our first experiences in the Strain Ultradrop, get a bit into PvP, give some tips to new dungeon players in "The 101: Don't Pull Yet!", and discuss holidays with massive chompacabras.
Game updates:
Pictures from Warbringer server first Scorchwing takedown! (Image from player Nakahara):
Video from JASHHADGES (reddit): Pergo server Scorchwing 40 v 40
Possible future game holidays?!
Protostar Gala Winter Extravaganza (Christmas holiday idea)

Shade's Eve (Halloween idea)

Starfall/Founder's Day



GotHUD (Curse)

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