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Ep. 05 WildStar: Notice Us Sempai! Sad Croog Sad…

July 29th, 2014

Another week has gone by as we get ready for Sabotage to drop, but never fear, lots more happened in the past PTR that the crew brings up today. Each one swoons over something or someone...will their feelings be rebuked? What is making Croog so sad? (NOTHING -Croog) Is the dog plotting something nefarious? (YES -Dog)

All will be revealed, and more! Like what could happen to Twitch and it's Wildstar content after the Google acquisition is complete? Can rune crafting be saved? And finally, a sneak peak as what the STOS crew has planned for the future!

Tony Rey is up for a Dragon Slayer Award and voting ends soon, so follow the link below and give our community manage the recognition he deserves! 


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