Strange Tales from Outer Space

Strange Tales from Outer Space brings you the news and views above the planet Nexus from Wildstar Online!

Ep. 09 Wildstar: Trust Us… We’re Professionals.

August 26th, 2014

Ahh, the eve's of a Drop when the news trickles in.

The boys have stuff to talk about but nowhere to begin.
Do they cover goodwill of man against disease?
Or post up more rune changes, for all listeners to see?
From the depths of datamining, new content does come,
and the expectation is that it will surely be fun.
So turn up your sound levels, make sure you can hear,
for STOS is back with a new week and good cheer!

(Omg, Dahk, you total goober


Amazon makes googly eyes at Twitch.

Frost takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

AMP and Ability Point changes

Runes Pt. 7

Datamining brings coal and diamonds...figuratively speaking...but plenty of fish...literally speaking.

PTR Update Notes - DEFILE! - 1.1.1: 8/20/2014

Development Cycle Changes - Additional information


Buff Telegraphs

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