Strange Tales from Outer Space

Strange Tales from Outer Space brings you the news and views above the planet Nexus from Wildstar Online!

Ep. 19: Cashews

November 4th, 2014

Klover from the Wildstar Community Magazine comes in this week and the group chats about what they can and can't talk about, realize something about each other, learn the difference between tasty snack and digital being, and finally put the finishing touches on that decorative center piece to pull together your festive plot decorations.

PvE to PvP transfer are up and not going away anytime soon!

PvP Leaderboards are postponed.

Runic Modules coming for PvP Bags in Drop 3!

Solo Progression needs help according to Carbine.

LOREMAGEDDON Part 3 - Exile Humans and Cassians.

Klover Fourleaf's Cottage (Entity)

Wildstar Community Magazine!

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