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Ep. 27: The One Where the Gang Talks About PvP

January 13th, 2015

Strange Tales from Outer Space is all about community. Whether it is your friends, your guild mates, that esper who never interrupts, and yes, even the guy that alot of people are split on. Make no mistake though, everyone is an equal part of this community. This week the boys in STOS are joined by the outspoken Eclips as the 4 of them attempt to tackle and understand while some possible issues with the failing PvP scene has and see if maybe there's a way to help fix it? Outside of that, have you ever tried playing an MMO without a keyboard and mouse? Also, what's a game without a story? Don't forget to check out the Wildstar Community Magazine! Issue 4 is out! Come listen in to Strange Tales from Outer Space episode 27!

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